«Vada come sta a cuore al dio.
Alla legge si obbedisce.
Difendersi si deve»

(Platone, Apologia di Socrate; cap. II 19,5)

Manduchi Law Studio Legale was founded in Rome in 2020 by the attorney at law Carla Manduchi, thanks to the experience gained by in over twenty-five years of collaboration in Rome office at Studio Legale Stile criminal law firm.

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Expertise for an excellent legal assistance in a wide range of disciplines.


Different identities, shared vision. The involvement of everyone is the basis of teamwork.

Carla Manduchi formale
Avv. Carla Manduchi
Riccardo Da Mauri formale
Avv. Riccardo De Mauri
Sara Petella formale
Avv. Sara Petella

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Publications and Events

Panel discussion

“Il delitto colposo dopo la sentenza SU n. 8770/2018: verso la validazione normativa delle cautele?” Roma, 4 ottobre 2019.

Case study

“La funzione nomofilattica e il valore del precedente nell’attuale ordinamento processuale” Napoli, 6 novembre 2019.


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